Merge objects to a single object

Could someone help me figure out how to make this one object, I have this outer wall design and this block which is only some part of the exterior, how would i merge them to be one so its not two walls connected, thank you in advance

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join and cap your white surface- then boolean union your pink and white surfaces.

they will both need to be closed polysurfaces with normals pointing outwards.

this also may be a good place for you to start-


thank you!, is there another way I can cap this as some sides of the walls are different heights so it fails each time even when its joined as one,

post a file.

technically one object, means one closed polysurface? or?

not enough information.

then “capping” isn’t necessarily possible. what’s your design intent?

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testing.3dm (767.6 KB)
Hello, i have these designed these blocks that are at different heights to each other but wanted to wrap them with an external wall.
Visually from the outsite i still want the height difference to be visible so I split into three layers of wall where some blocks connect to the top of the external wall and some blocks connect to the bottom of the 2nd external wall. my aim to wrap these blocks with an external wall that connected them more seamlessly whilst still being able to show that they are stepped up from one another. Thank you :slight_smile:

testing.3dm (3.5 MB)

use the ShrinkWrap function

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what is your desired result? nurbs surfaces, polygons?

And for what purpose, printing, rendering, data transfer, analysis?

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rendering and analysis, i need to next add windows and doors and then export to make plans and sections and then analysis, I need test sun paths and thermal comfort so I want edge to be single wall

I feel like you are trying to sprint before you can crawl a bit.

slow down a bit to allow yourself to go faster sooner.

start with the level 1 and level 2 manuals. you can get thru them in a day or two as it seems like you have aptitude for this stuff already, you just need to get the basics down.

in rhino go to help>learn rhino>tutorials and samples nd grab the level 1 and level 2 manuals and do the exercises.