Merge non coplanar surfaces?

Working on an excavation script for construction pits. Doing a simple tapered extruded surface works like a charm, but often it’s necessary to alternate between different slopes in the same construction pit. (The tapered extruded surface is a python script merging coplanar surfaces.) Are there any chance of merging these surfaces together and get a round corner (fillet) between those? Feels like I tried it all. That said I could do (and have allready tested) another approach and simply make perpendicular lines to the lower level with an desired angle and then loft all of these lines, but that doesn’t seems like the best/fastest solution.
So I appreciate if anyone has some good tips for merging the surfaces. It could also be implemented in the python-script if thats a solution.

The first surface in the picture are with one angle and the surfaces below are from the same script but with two different angles. These are the ones I try to merge together.

Thanks in advance!

Flatten the brep output of the “Graveskräning” component.

Does that result in one open Brep?

Unfortunately not. Still two Breps.

It’s easy when the two curves don’t share a common point. Connecting the curves results in equal number of segments, which is ideal for lofting… Maybe this file here helps. If not, post a file with your curves. (27.3 KB)

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Thanks a lot for looking into it!!

Tapered_Extrude.3dm (144.1 KB) (10.9 KB)

I don’t think the script you are using is capable of creating slopes at different angles.
The input must be a single polycurve.

Looking at my file, you’ll see that I’m only connecting the curves after they are projected

Wow - fantastic feedback. Yes it seems like a problem when using a common point, but maybe that’s not an issue in our case. I’ll have a look into it. Again thanks a lot.

The common point is not necessarly a problem, it just requires a slightly different approach

Did some testing now and generally it works very well, but I do have some issues regarding the input curves. Would be nice to have kinks on a curve as well. All in all I guess it would be better to use lines with a common point, so I would be looking further into this. But anyway this is a great start so thank you for your input and help. :slight_smile:

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And often get these selfintersecting surfaces, wich is another problem. :smiley:

either flip the curve or change your draft angle