Merge / Join result - Brep - Tree

Hi, I would like to know how can merge items properly . I know thats all about trees.

But still when I have same amount branches it’s not working how I would like to.

This is simple example I have BUILDING and I would like to merge with ROOF - like one building and keep it with possibility to choose final building trough Item list.

Please let me know what I should learn and where or some kick how it works.
Thank you :slight_smile:

Where is roof ? :frowning:

GH Code : (78.3 KB)

201130_Offset_Both_Sides_R6.3dm (40.4 KB)

Do graft and simplify to the ROOF output brep parameter, so that first branch of SLABS output is merged with the first branch of ROOF, the second with the second, and so on, and use Tree Branch rather than List Item if your buildings is stored by branch.

Is not in other index with the List Item?

I know that without code is hard to be navigate but I did what you suggest and any change

GH Script is uploaded

Also when I Graft roof - It’s loosing ability to to be select of item list


With out Graft

Have a look at the attachment. (77.2 KB)


Big thanks Kim :slight_smile: If you have some advice what I should learn or something to be more able to understand I will appreciate. I’m struggling all the time with tree :frowning: