Merge free edges

Hello everyone,
I created the model of the inside of a church, and I want to end with a closed polysurface.
For now, I have an open polysurface which has some micro free edges. They are so tiny that if I use the duplicate border, I get no border at all. I know (at least I think) that these open edges come from a bad modelling from me. But, I’m quite beginner and the deadline was sadly way too short to do a clean job.
So now, I’m stuck and I don’t know how to merge them without having to model the open parts again from scratch. Maybe there is no other way. Then you tell me, and I’ll get back to work and try to achieve this in a cleaner way.
I send a small piece of the file, so that you can see the micro free edge. There is one open edge. I created a sphere around it.

Micro open edge.3dm (125.0 KB)


Are you aware of the JoinEdge command? It seems this is what you need.

The front planar surface is a bad object. I would duplicate the border then delete the surface and create a new one using Planarsrf. Then join it back to the others.


Hi and thanks, in this case it works the way you said. In the other case it was more complex as the free edges were on the vertices where several lofted surfaces ended. At the end, I managed to get a real closed polysurface.
Sometimes the JoinEdge command could help, but it couldn’t fix the free edge/vertex problem at first as the edges were already joined. So I had to recreate the surfaces and join them together again. I wish there was a JoinVertices command^^

Anyway, thanks for the answers.