Merge edge problem

I am doing this exercise but I have a problem with merge edge. There is an edge split but I cannot join it with merge edge. What am I doing wrong?
EngineCover 004.3dm (160.7 KB)

Hi @hungwai.lim,

I think the problem is that your two edge segments to merge are G0 meaning they only coincide in position.

I fixed your edge with this steps:

  • _ExtractSrf To remove the surface from the polysurface
  • _DupBorder To get the surface edges as curves
  • _UntrimAll To remove the trimming curves from your surface
  • _Match Matching the two curves in questions with G2
  • _Trim Your surface with the matched curves and the old trimming curves
  • _MergeEdge on the fixed edge
  • _Join The extracted surface back to the polysurface

Hope to help

EngineCover 004.3dm (225.0 KB)

Thank you, I didn’t aware the edge segments are G0. I will try your steps.