Menu "light up" Bug


i have noticed that that the Mac menubar doesn’t light up while using shortcuts. Especially by using cmd-s (short light up of “file”) ist is quite disturbing without this feedback, I never know if the file is saved or not (it is actually).

This happens in both versions RC & WIP

[using OS X 10.10.4 / 10.10.3 latest builds, Rhino RC/WIP latest builds, both german language]

yeah, the file menu usually flashes upon cmmd-S, right?

that aside, there are two other quick indicators of a document’s saved state…

  • the title bar at the top-center of a window will have ‘edited’ appended if the doc isn’t saved

  • the red close button (top-left) will have a black dot in it if the file isn’t saved.

Yep, its just a small issue, the other indicators you have mentioned are working fine.
Probably it had never worked in Rhino, but since I’ve realised this bug, its really disturbing :wink:

I see this. Thanks for reporting it. Logged in MR-2078.