Menu deficiencies

I have found some deficiencies in menu (bulb ico):

2x Show Object (same command)

2x Unlock Object (same command)

I have screenshot, but there is no way how I can post here…

Use this tool in Reply for attachments:

Ok, thanks very much…I can not see it before…

so there it is.

The contents of this menu is taken directly from the Visibility tool palette. You can show the Visibility palette by holding down the Option key and then click and hold on the “lightbulb” until the Visibility tool palette appears.

The menu displays all the commands, both primary and secondary commands, available in each tool button. If you hover over a tool button, the tool tip shows the command(s) for that button.

The first button in the Visibility tool palette has two commands, Hide Objects and Show Objects. The command for the second button is Show Objects. When the contents of these two buttons are displayed as a menu, two Show Objects items are going to appear. Since the commands are duplicated in the tool palette, they are also going to be duplicated in the menu. It’s just that the menu presentation makes it more obvious.

@pascal, do you want to comment on this?