Menu captions scrambled

The shortcut positions are not as expected:

(8.6.24086.11001, 2024-03-26)


Hmm, not seeing that here - but my OS is in English.

Hmm, too :wink:
My OS is a German installation and runs with English UI language.

When Rhino 8 is set to English, the menu scramble is the same.
(V7 etc. shows the menu ok.)

Still in (8.6.24093.11001, 2024-04-02)

No one else has this?

A _Reset healed the menue issue.

Of course my customizations are gone, natural but :exploding_head:

The settings before _Reset are here:
RhinoSettingsForSupport - Scrambled (1.7 MB)

I’d appreciate when the UI master (@pascal ?) takes a look.