Memory Usage

Hi Everyone,

I have an Electromagnetic solver and use opennurbs library to read the model and get the required vertices and elements to do integral equations. However, for a small job with only 6k unknowns, On_BezierSurface function from opennurbs uses around 16GB of memory. Is that normal or do I have a memory leak? I checked and everything seems normal for me. I did profiling using intel vtune for a mpi parallelized code and here is the result:

ON_BezierSurface::ON_BezierSurface 222.3 KB 15.9 GB 15.9 GB 41,439,948 forward_solver_lcn

Please let me know if you have any ideas!

Hi @Omid_Babazadeh_Astma,

If you are newing up an ON_BezierSurface, or calling a function that does so, then you are responsible for deleting the object.

But seeing some sample code might be helpful in providing an accurate answer.

– Dale