Memory Leak in Brep.Split()?

I need to write a program which will split breps many times.

I found about 30MB memory will be consumed every time I call Brep.Split(), although I explicitly freed all the object I could find, so Rhino will consume several GB memory quickly and sometimes it just be forced to exit.

I’ve attached simplified test code and model, and a video to show the issue. My Rhino version is 7.4. Thank you in advance.

split_brep.7z (3.4 MB)

I have the same issue to call Brep.Split() and Brep.CreateBooleanDifference(). The memory goes up to 3GB and is only released when the RunCommand function returns Success.

I’m looking into it…

I could detect the leak using your example. Thanks
Create a Bug item for the issue that you can track here…

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Thank you very much @rajaa

@Rockwithboa Thanks for finding and reporting this. I have fixed it in version 7.8 which should be available as a release candidate in the next couple weeks. If could test this in a release candidate I’d like to here what you find. Thanks again.

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