Memory Issue / leakage - opening dwg and Maxwell Render

Hi There,

I have a problem with Rhino6 taking up all the memory on what it seems to be meshing or display oparations.

This problem occurs on two different computers in the company, the others are untested.

SR18 release candidate fixed one issue:

  • opening a dwg file with about 75 layouts

on SR17 the memory and cpu went up to its limits and it took about 5 minutes to open it. After that the memory fell back to around 2GB.

with SR18 it opens now on both machines within 15 secs, which I would call normal, considering file size and amout on layouts.
On the Notebook the imported file still consumes 8GB, on the DesktopMachine arond 3GB ???
But still I can work with so far.

The other Issue with MaxwellRender still remains:

When assigning materials or opening a file with assigned materials in shaded/rendered mode, both machines run to their memory limits and it takes about a minute or two until they finish whatever operation. Memory usage drops back to normal then

If you need the Rhino file with maxwell materials, please give me notice.

Attached find the SystemInfo of both machines
systemInfo_Tobi_190923.txt (2.0 KB)
systemInfo_Udo_190924.txt (2.2 KB)