Memory consumption problem during line drawing working

Hello developer.

I am a user of Rhino in MAC OS in the lastest version.

I have found serious problem ( too much memory consumption) during using.

My RAM is 16GB actually, and whenever I use Rhino in my Laptop,

When I draw lines and zoom in or out in the application, my left memory is fluctuated from 20mb to 7, 8 Gmb.

It is really unstable and sometimes Rhino is frozen or shutdown. It happens sometime when I only use Rhino in my work.

Please check this issue : )

PS: I have this problem from that when I downloaded previous updated version.

Thank you.

We are going to need more information about what you were doing in order to replicate this issue. Until we can replicate this behavior, we have little hope of fixing it. Can you provide detailed steps to replicate this on our computers?