Member Index on SAF file data


I am trying to build a structural model within Grasshopper using SAF file format data. I have take the surface member edges and want to create a polyline using the nodes. I have 54 surface members (branches) and the list length is typically 4 (a node at each corner of a rectangle) but can also vary according to how complex the surface geometry is. For the model I am using to build and test the code it has up to a max of 80 nodes for one surface.

I am trying to create a surface to replicate each 2D member. I have used Member Index to find the indices for each node to pull through the coordinates. I then use the coordinates to create a polyline and then Fragment patch to create a surface from the Polylines.

However, Member Index seems to be only taking the first branch through and I can’t work out why. Relatively new to Grasshopper so happy for suggestions of how to do this better.

I have attached my code and a link to the stripped out copy of the SAF file. Hoping that it is an easy fix?

MIndex (24.8 KB)