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is this rounding issue ?

I am quite sure you find the answers yourself.
You will find many discussion on this subject.

It could be better for you to convert your data to integer, by multiplying by 1000 for example …

Is this what you want?

member (15.5 KB)

what happens when you feed a list item from A to M?

@cokerone1214, why are you coverting the numbers to integers?

Alternative using Cokerone1214’s.

Rounded to x decimal places works a charm. Note the screenshot showing how Cokerone 1214’s showed a more rounded number.

Let me know if this helps.

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so it is rounding ; )
@cokerone1214 thnx …. and we just round it w more decimal places for a
tighter list like @alexbramhill did.

thnx guys!!

Good stuff. For future reference, and for anyone else searching for this issue: This also occurs with point coordinates.