Member Index and Quotes

That quotes are needed, then quotes are unnecessary, I do not understand things at all. How it works? (6.7 KB)

Where do you think you need double quotation mark in this case?
What are you going to do with number 2 ?

I define the indexes of the value 2. In this case, the quotes are unnecessary, and in other cases they are needed.


I believe I have seen something similar before for MemerIndex - equally unsure why you need quotes, going from the tree branch lengths (L) into a panel works.

Just try to create a list of numbers (Panel), and then use the Member Index to search for indices of a certain number, the component will work only with quotes. However, in my case (at the beginning of the topic) quotes are no longer needed (the Member Index does not work with them). Depending on the conditions, quotes are needed and unnecessary Member Index. Why is that?

Is this related to what data type is set on the inputs and outputs? Just an idea - I don’t really use GrassHopper

Sets can be of several different types of objects. Including points, vectors, integers, and text.

If you use a text panel you are providing text, even if your text is a numeral character. If your set contains integers, you must provide an integer for the member index. Cast your text panel numbers to integers by placing an integer parameter before the member index m input

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All is clear, thank you! :smiley:

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