"Melting" mesh : how to make it look like?

Hi guys,
I am new to Rhino, so sorry of the question is trivial. I have a pattern made of mesh (it is actually been imported from Archicad and turned into mesh): I need to make it look as if it has melted - image this pattern is a block made of ice and placed under the sun, after a while the block will be somehow melted in a less rigid way. What would be the besy way to go ahead? Is there a command or a funcion that help me to smooth out the angles and deform the mesh (or any other object I can turn them into)?

Thanks for the feedback

how far melted down are you envisioning? that entire buildings sit in their leak of water, or that just some edges are smoothed down? for some subtle melt effects you have a few options, you can use the command smooth on the mesh, but for this the mesh might have to be further subdivided depending on how the mesh actually looks like. also turning it into nurbs and simply filleting the edges might work. for anything more cinematographic you might have to dig a bit deeper down the trick box.

It is part of an installation: I should present thedifferent stages. So I would say first halway down and then some more.

I will turn try what you have suggested; first I will try sooth and then turn the shapes into nurbs and fillet them by hand as you suggest Encephalon, thanks!

Hello - try SubDivide - it won’t do the whole job but it might help.


Hi Pascal I can’t find the subDivide command when I type it. What am I doing wrong? :thinking:


Also, Scale1D on individual portions of the geometry could give the effect of parts melting downwards - I guess the more slender and isolated objects would scale more severely than the stockier ones.

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In Rhino 6, this is a test command and needs to be typed completely and correctly. In Rhino 7, this is a standard command.

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This seemed an interesting challenge.
I adapted the Laplacian smoothing script I posted here, so that it can take a strength value per vertex.
For the strengths I assigned some randomised colours to the vertices, blurred it with Weaverbird, then increased the contrast with a logistic function.
melting_ice.gh (22.7 KB)


Thank for the latest inputs. Sorry I have been away from the screen for a couple of days, I will test asap and let you know.

I really appreciate your help guys :+1:t3:

Blender is good for that

Also try Meshmixer, using a combination of Remesh ans Smooth…