Mechanized Autonomous Armed Labor Equipment concept for CARBO

Pure NURBS. No polys, no sub-d.
CARBO is in spec dev survival terror project set in Carboniferous.

Dave Rindner



I do however feel like the mech is constantly about to lose balance and fall forward.

The dark-red parts in some of the shots - are those backfaces showing?

The dark red are back facing faces. Empty spacess where wiring would go . Generated procedurally in Houdini.
The center of gravity , is just aft of front shoulder. There is space on back end for cargo. Within context of story line, this is a mechanical beast of burden based on camel and mule. It is meant to lug equipment, mine ore, self load, load other MAALES. The remote weapon station is removeable, as is many otther parts. I can also move the RWS to the rear for balance, and I had considered it. But it blocks line of fire to the front. I thought of going cleche, and having it lug a large rifle in hands. But that would be cleche, as its not necessary and takes up capability. The arms are on free gimbals and are not limited to biollogical range of movement. They can rotate to the rear for load handling and stowing during transport. There is no need for the arms to splay open during normal walking. There yet unshown concept of an oxcart for it. Maybe I’ll post it. The cart is attached in a similar fashion as single axle cart. The cart can carry cargo, power pack, batteries, shelter, recovery to rescue damamged MAALES. Again, it is a mechanical beast of burden. A lot of it is actually the futuristic LI batteries. I don’t beleive in make-beleive magic technology. There is no realistic way to make micro-fusion reactors. Fusion reactors are huge. In reality, today and in future, the bigggest issue with technology is the battery, the power source. This is part of the story line.

Thank you for your feed back

Dave Rindner