Measuring the Surface of a Model Generated with a 3D Scanner

I am trying to take circumference and length measurements along the surface of a model generated using a 3D body scanner. I am hoping to measure a scanned body as it would be measured with a measuring tape for clothing applications.

I am very new to Rhino, so any help is greatly appreciated. I am trying to measure the model itself, yet I am struggling to even pick up a single point, vertex, face, polygon, or anything on the model to measure from or to without selecting the entire model. Perhaps Rhino is not the right application for this?

Hello - I’d start with some lines - say across the waist as seen from Top. Project the line onto the mesh and use the Length command on the output, assuming it’s all one polyline.


It might be helpful to know just what kind of Rhino object your model contains. With the model selected, look at the Properties page. This should tell you whether it’s a surface, mesh, point cloud, etc. More details will show if you click the Details button on the Properties page.