Measuring max width of multiple surfaces/Project to Cplane issues

beginner here,
I’ve modeled an amphora. It consists of a closed surface (amphora body, made using Revolve) and two trimmed surfaces (amphora handles, made using Sweep2). The handles reach out farther than the amphora body and I want to determine the max. width of the amphora (e.g. if I wanted to place them side by side, what’s that repeating unit distance).

I figured I could take a cross-section of the amphora but I don’t know how. I tried ProjecttoCplane, but the trimmed surfaces are still surfaces even when flattened/projected and I can’t place a Point using Quad Osnap to get the maximum. (Cause then I’d measure distance between those points).
I don’t want to guess or approximate – it should be exact.

any thoughts?

LW_project_to_cplane.3dm (3.0 MB)

Hi, you could place a plane surface where you want the cross section, then run Intersect command to get some lines. —-Mark

Hi Luise -

Provided your objects are aligned to the world CPlanes, you can use the BoundingBox command to get the maximum size of those objects.

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Works like a charm, thank you!