Measuring distance from bottom of ceiling lamp to floor but no snaps


I would like to determine the distance from the bottom of a ceiling lamp down to the floor. I need this to asure that the distance between lamp and floor is sthg like two meters so that you can walk through under the lamp.

I was already working on this but cant remember the procedure any more. if I remember it right, i was drawing a line from one point at the bottom of the lamp to some point that i could snap down on the floor. for sure this line wasnt vertical and didnt therefore show the correct distance. but as I remember some command showed me the length of the z axis of this line…

if somebody knows how to do this - please let me know. thanks in advance. V

If you use the command BoundingBox on the object, the height of the box will be the total height of the object, even if there are no points to snap to.


There is also BoxEdit panel (menu: Panels - BoxEdit) that will show you size of any object/group of objects in XYZ (it evaluates the same BoundingBox Mitch has mentioned).

thanks a lot for the solutions - the box editing dialog will work best i think

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding your problem but it sounds like simply using the Distance command should give the info that you want. Snap to the bottom of the fixture for the first point and then snap to any place on the floor plane. The distance command will give you the x,y,z components of the distance on the line above the final direct distance. See attached… hmmm, can’t attach anything…I guess you’ll have to just try it.