Meaning of Brep.Standardize()?

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Could we get a little more insight into what “standardizing” means in RhinoCommon’s Brep.Standardize()? Is it some kind of unifying orientations?

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Hi @garciadelcastillo,

Sometimes, the directions of Brep topological object (i.e. faces, edges, and trims), and other properties, don’t match the undering Brep geometry (i.e. surfaces, 2-D curves, and 3-D curves).

Brep.Standardize walks through the topology and, if needed, modifies the underlying geometry so it matches that of the topology.

Also, sometimes there are multiple topological objects that reference the same underlying geometry. Two Brep faces that reference the same underlying surface is an example of this. Brep.Standardize will make sure each topological object references unique geometry.

Hope this helps.

– Dale

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