Meanders (biarc component) (12.3 KB)

Hello everyone! I want to achieve what it is shown in the attached picture. The main idea is that the amplitude of the curves vary gradually from the center to both sides. The definition does only one of the curves.

Thank you very much! (22.2 KB)


Hello Dani,
thanks for your answer. Do you think there is a way to do it without the graph mapper?

I am trying to simulate the geometry of a meander and to be able to control it in many ways. Probably I should have attached the real image

and apart from that, do you know how to do a multiple variable offsets starting from the start and end points of the geometry already curved?


Welcome @guadiceliento1404,

Yes, you should have! It’s always best to be as precise as possible, when looking for a demanding solution to a geometrical problem. :slight_smile:

You could use a curvature driven approach, much like what the CrvGraph (Curvature Graph) component does, to drive your variable offsets:

The result is very similar to what your reference shows. You’ll need one component from Pufferfish for this to work! (14.6 KB)