MD slider - with multiple points?


Question, is there a tool (or workaround) to get multiple ‘points’ in the MD slider (or comparable tool)?

So for instance I would like to define 3 points, like shown below;

Besides, would it be possible to set manually a coordinate? (so that the coordinate below is 3;5 instead of 2,99 4,98)

any suggestions? thanks :slight_smile:


You could just type those coordinates into a panel.


Thanks, yes I know but It is input for a design/geometry. Whereby I would like to ‘play’ visually around with these points by sliding these points of the geometry.

Do you have any suggestions?

thanks again :).


Alternatively to Michael’s proposal, you could simply create three individual Graph Mapper components and merge their outputs with a Merge component.

You can change the domain and values of a Graph Mapper by double-clicking it. A menu will pop up.

Oke thank you.
I thought maybe it would be possible to have it in 1 :slight_smile:

You could also make your own like the following:

MDSlider (17.4 KB)