McNeel Valuation Tops $1 Trillion

After takeover bid from disgruntled Rhino users

Seattle, Wash. — April 1, 2016 — Robert McNeel & Associates today announced that a group of unhappy Rhino users in an attempt to take over the company behind the Rhino development has raised $100 to purchase 0.000000001% of the company stock from a group of retired employees that still hold some stock because of a rounding error made by the McNeel retirement plan administration.

This is a new trend. Users are no longer waiting for Wall Street to fix what is wrong with American companies” explains Bob McNeel, President of Robert McNeel & Associates. “I’m sure that this is only the beginning. At these valuation levels, Wall Street and the private equity firms no longer have the resources needed to be significant players in the mergers and acquisitions market.”


and a happy April first to you too!

This makes me VERY upset. I just sold all of my stock last week!

I knew this was a joke right away because there are no “unhappy Rhino users”. :smile: