McNeel Update Service is unavailable

Hi McNeel and everyone.

I want to inform you that for a few days I get this error while checking Rhino WIP update.
I get this error also for my regular V5 Commercial version.

Everything if fine in my Windows 10 Local Services, that is the “McNeel Update Service 5.0” is active and running.

Please see this attached image :slight_smile:

Please check.


Marco (mkdm)

Hi Marko - I saw this once myself last week but it seems to have sorted itself out - I’ll ask @brian to chime in but just so you know, he’s out of the office for a few days.


Hi pascal.

Thanks a lot for the info.

Have a nice day.

Marco (mkdm)

My install of V6 has been unable to phone home to the update service for quite some time (I haven’t had a chance to address it until now), at least for a few SR candidates; WIP 7 is fine. I have tried to do a repair, but no luck, and no change when installing new service releases. Any ideas?


Huh, all my issues seem to be self healing today. Wondering if Rhino had to sit for a bit after the repair to try and contact the update service, but it seems to be working now.


OK - thanks for the update…