McNeel doesn't care about Rhino Users

A couple of hours ago, I’ve created a post complaining about the ABSOLUTLY outdated block handling in Rhino.
The post got deletet, so I guess McNeel doesn’t care about their useres! That explains the so much requestet block handling a LOT of useres complainted since Rhino 5

I suppose Rhino goes the wrong path, bringing more frequent “new version” for selling upgrates more often!
So what’s the plan McNeel, bringing a subscription model on the market? Making more money? Not caring about users?(oh you already do)

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I just looked up the deleted post and am pretty sure it had to do with your use of profanity and nothing to do with your request for changes to block handling in Rhino.


Eh… because of Blocks?
I think McNeel are catering the diversity of users quite well. But we live in an imperfect world, so absolutely EVERYTHING can’t be expected to be perfect.:wink:

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profanity? where?

Yes I get that nothing is perfect, but the Block handeling in Rhino is stuck to 1992. So IMO it is priority NR1 in Rhino

The “F” word is considered profanity. This was used in your post that was deleted.

Everybody has his own priorities.
I for example couldn’t care less about blocks.
But I get that it has some importance for other people.


@stevebaer, why investing time pedagogically deleting an entire post which expresses compassion and anger, instead why not just deleting the word and put out a warning if that really is so important…, maybe can be done automatically since there are all sorts of word detections build in into discours. we are all grown ups here, even 3 year old children slip naughty words, nothing to delete an entire post about. i did not read the post but for god sake guys…

@John_Karko i dont know if blocks are handled in a bad way, currently blocks have an issue in rhino 7 but maybe that is not what you meant. maybe you could elaborate in a more “civil” manner.

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I didn’t delete the post. I’m just reporting on what I assume is the reason it was deleted. The same argument could be made as why I’m even spending time with threads like this when I could be working on improving Rhino instead. This forum needs many people to help police and keep things civil (as well as finding and deleting spam). I’m not going to enforce a single way to handle offensive posts.

I trust my coworkers decisions and don’t need to double check on what they do to help keep this forum civil and productive.


i understood that, i meant in general that this has no sense wasting efforts in deleting such posts. but again i did not read the post, might as well just be a real dumb post and it really might have made sense to vanish it :slight_smile:

ironically i am thinking that giving the people room to express their anger and frustration in written form is the minimum and most civil one could do for another human. and by all means, that does not happen very frequent that somebody uses foul language around here, mostly educated people i believe.

oh sorry, one f**** word in the entire post. Ok my fault, I get it. At least I’ve got a badge for reading it now

I agree that flagging posts with comments to help the initial poster understand why the post was flagged is a good practice.

It may have also had to do with calling McNeel retarded, but that is what we are used to. People spreading holiday cheer.:grinning:


I already adressed the problem a couple of times. Yes since 3-4 years now. But Mcneel doesn’t care.

To all the people to McNeel who are “improving” Rhino. No you are not improving Rhino, you are fixing problems and bugs what should have been solved before realesing a new version!!!
And one more thing, maybe you should ask yourself why people are using Rhino. If you did, there would be no “offensive” post about blocks. Because I swear there are sooo many people out there what are using repetitive objects on a daily basis (If not, why are other softwares lightyears ahead by developing blocks/llibrary/parametric/bim/list/reports?)
Do I have as a user copy and paste repetitive objects in 2020, because your aer not able to at LEAST make a Block manager where you can sort your stuff?

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Yes, beause it might be the time right now to get to work and make your software better insteat of deleting negative posts. I tried it polite, but you are not listening.

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There is a big chasm between offending someone’s honour and being offended by a bad word. The first offends individual dignity, which is a human right and must therefore be protected, the second is an abusive use of child subjectivism that we drag along culturally. If it is not even legitimate to be offended by the stupidity of others, even less so by a word from another. No human rights treaty legitimises being a fucking Flanders… (I refer to those who are offended by a bad word, I suppose you don’t care what they say). But, is your forum, your rules. :man_shrugging:

If you see its development inertia (which must have its reasons and data that validate it) is far from what you want, it also happens to me, but if you think about it a little, the most important factor that defines this inertia is profitability, because in the end it is a business that must grow or at least be maintained. So, if you want them to change their development priorities, and improve things that already work in a certain way or update that old user experience, that have a lower feedback for them, you shouldn’t be against them looking, in case they do, for more income, because you’re hardly going to get one without the other. And you will get even less by disrespecting them. The license that you have acquired says that you buy the software as it is, and at least they give you the tools to develop it yourself or pay someone to do it.

This is the kind of statements which doesn’t lead anywhere. First of all - how do you know they “don’t care”? You don’t. And accusing while not knowing is … not constructive. You could have asked. There may be many reasons why a particular problem isn’t fixed, just now.

Rhino is definitely improving. Just not exactly on the thing, out of hundreds or thousands, which you are upset about. I have things on “my list” too, but I don’t assume “they don’t care”. I’ve been a developer way too long to make such offensive assumptions.

At last:

  • Moderation rule §1: Don’t debate moderation, just do it (less pain for all).
  • Forum rule §1: Do not debate moderation. Move on.

// Rolf


lectures to already upset people will not solve anything either, but will frustrate rather more. so probably not a good tactic.

i dont want to defemd John’s frustration directly but i can relate to it. just dont tell me you feel blessed every day :wink:


// Rolf