McLaren Rendered in THEA


@acrighton entirely modeled by you? Just wondering how raw model look (Sorry for my geeky nature :sweat_smile:)

In terms of overall picture car is bit too bright in this enviro and it pops out bit too much. Overall materials are ok but “bubble pops in breking pads area”, i would try to improve something there. Did you considered putting it in regular studio enviornment not relying only on hdri?

Keep in mind its just my POV :clap: :heart:

Hi there, model is from GrabCad:

Backplate and matching HDRI are from Panocapture (but they seem to be no longer in business). I’m not sure what you mean by “bubble pops”, brake disks are ventilated. With combination of matching backplate & HDRI I was attempting to make it look as “real” as possible, studio environment renderings always look fake, to my eye at least.

Ah I thought you’ve modeled it - I never had the patience to model a car from the beginning to an end.

Under “bubble pops” I mean that it feels fake there. I would try to decrease ibl strength and i would put some point lights to get some highlights in the areas of the wheels. Maybe though relying only on hdri isn’t any good especially in product shots.