Mayday mayday - what did i do?

Im in heaven after 15 minutes (while) learning how to sculpt a cube with subD to get this

Then I pressed i dont know what key(s) I rarely look at the kbd - somewhere lower left of the keyboard and now i get this…

What did i do?

I see in the rhino command history i did…
SubD display changed from smooth to flat. 7 SubDs changed.

Sounds like music: flat 7
I like the effect but not wanted now…

How do i undo this? What did i do? How did i trigger that?

Sorry for this newbie issue but i got an ultra sensitive kbd from Steel Series (.10% of travel of key = push key). I love this keyboard. I got it at the same time as Rhino 6 and it’s changed my life! :see_no_evil:

Hi -

Right above that, you should see which command was run - SubDDisplayToggle.
By default, this is mapped to the Tab key.

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the only key i didn’t think i pressed!