Maybe it's already, zoom previous command with programmable shortcut?

I get a little depressed every time I change the view and can’t undo it. In Solidworks I have spacebar programmed as zoom previous, and it is a godsend a hundred times a day, but none of my other 3D programs have it available and, even though Solidworks is annoying in a hundred ways, that is such a sweet sweet capability I miss every time I get lost in space in other programs.

You can make a macro _UndoView and set it to any keyboard shortcut available in Rhino you like - except spacebar, that’s hard coded as Enter and can’t be changed.

And, by default, the Home key is set up with the UndoView command.


Great, thank you both. I was sure I couldn’t make it spacebar, but glad to see two options here, with home key and _undoview which I couldn’t find. Thank you again!