May I create two views to show two models ? (C++/Rhino5)

I want to create two views, but it is in a same view to show different objects.
like below.

Is it possible ?

Yes. You can create a display conduit. In the conduit you can draw model 1 when the conduit is drawing viewport A and model 2 when drawing viewport B. The viewports should have different names, so you can decide based on the name which model to draw where.

When I do save file, is it will save two files ?

No. It is only an “optical trick” to separate the content of one file to two viewports. if you want two files, you can just as easily open two Rhino’s side-by-side.

Thank you for help.
Recently, I meet a new problem.
When I use a display conduit, how to know which object is on the cursor ?