Maxwell render render of kitchen designed in chief architect

I am re-rendering my kitchen scene and have black noise artifacts at SL 18. Will these disappear as I continue to render. I put emitters in my scene and my kitchen island is out of focus. Will that blur go away once I adjust my lights once I am done rendering? I will take the render to min. 23 SL and maybe 25. Thanks

Difficult to say without taking a look at the materials, it could also be caustics. You could do a very small test render to check result at SL22 or just render-region small portion. Best place to ask this will be on maxwell render forum.

Thank you Raja. Someone told me next time to turn of color multilight on
the blender artists forum.

If you are using Maxwell plugin then you have some tools to sort this out, one of them is the “Auto-Focus To Objects” indicated in the image

The command is “! _Maxwell_AutoFocusObjects” and Select objects to be in-focus. Press Enter when done: this should sort you out.
The other trick I use is in the “Scene Manager” I set the Camera lens properties to “Pinhole” inorder to put everything in focus.
Hope that works