Maxwell Question

In previous Maxwell version there was an option of zooming camera on selected objects so they would render in sharp focus. Maxwell 6.4 for Rhino 6 comes basically without any toolbars and I can’t find this setting anywhere.
Anyone else still using this software that would be able to share some insight…?



Hi Darius,

I assume you mean setting the focal distance and depth of field (via F Stop). Both can be found on the Maxwell camera properties panel in Rhino:

The f.d. button allows you to select a focal point in your scene with the mouse, otherwise you can set the Focus distance manually.

(You may need to expand the above image to see the whole of it)


That exactly it. Many thanks Jeremy.

I experimented with Maxwell again, after installing latest updates but again too many issues to deal with to make it feasible for me.

For some files Maxwell won’t even start, on others all 4 viewports go black and stay black, no tab control, no maximizing or minimizing allowed. Sorry it just too much hassle to continue.

Since you left it’s been slippery slope for Maxwell…


I think you are confusing me with someone else - I’m just an occasional Maxwell user.

Sorry Jeremy, I thought you were the guy who used to code Rhino plugin…:wink:


Hi Darius :slight_smile:

I’m still here, but unfortunately could not answer this particular question.

Hi jd

as I said, since you left it’s been down the hill…:slight_smile: