MaxViewport on Middle Mouse Button trashed

when i press the middle mouse button to run the _MaxViewport macro it is no longer possible
to change the viewport with mouse on chosen viewport and middle mouse click only,
it re maximizes the old view instead… this still worked in version 5.1

i can left click the chosen view and then make a middle mouse click to maxviewport
but hey thats not what i want :smile: and makes things surprisingly complicated.

since i am not an active “rhino for mac” user at the moment (i am only running trial)
this was not an important issue for me so i just lurked and thought somebody will discover that soon.
but i soon may need it and working with a flow breaker like that is a no go.

i wonder why nobody else wrote about that yet am i the only one using this as a middle mouse macro?

You can make middle mouse button do a variety of things, I use it for a special menu. If you go to preferences / mouse what do you see?

This is mine …

Everybody works different, I just use the tabs for that, or double-click the viewport name to maximize.

Personally I wouldn’t waste my middle-mouse button on one macro when i can get this, which gives me a lot of the commands I use frequently …

I could have more here, but i have a lot as keyboard Aliases.

Happy Modelling !

hi i appreciate your effort, but sorry to say thats not what i wanted to discuss.
i am aware that there are many options to use the middle mouse button.

also double clicking on a tiny area to quickly move from one view to the other
just does not do the same as one quick middle mouse click anywhere in the view.
this option has been there for ages and is there in the windows version.

i always liked rhino as a lightning fast tool even though the betas where partially
horrifying since codes seemed to have been replaced in a ping pong matter
and issues which where resolved kept coming back again a version later.

so please if anybody of the mcneel staff catches this take a look.
it may not seem very important but its a major flow breaker…

If that is what you want, just do this …

It works for me. I would never use it from there, I have it as an Alias.

Not really a flow breaker for me, but we all work differently. Cheers!

hi Rudi thanks for your persistent trying to help.
i know how to set that, but it does not work how it worked
so please reread the issue.

i dont need an introduction on how to use the middle mouse
or how to use aliases :slight_smile: sorry for the misunderstanding.

I see that know, I had to go to my Windows machine.

I have to click the view to make it active before I do anything with my middle mouse button. I don’t remember ever having the middle-mouse button making that viewport active on the Mac, like Windows. Maybe I just never used it?

@dan … have we ever been able to click in a view to make it active with the middle mouse button, like WinRhino? @RichardZ I do see where this is a time saver now, thanks.

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thanks for calling up some staff rudi hope they are not overloaded
which i am sure they are :smiley: but hopefully this is being taken
into serious consideration now.

and yes this has been working since i know rhino on mac
through over the entire beta till the last working version 5.1


The hardest part of reproducing this bug/regression was finding a three-button mouse. Also, I needed @rhinorudi’s help understanding what was going on as well…I was initially confused, but now I see it.

Logged in MR-2845. Can you please take a look at that bug item and make sure I’ve captured it.

We’ll take a look. Thanks for reporting this!


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@dan That, MR-2845 looks like it describes the problem.


did i really express myself so awful? i tried hard but ok…
and hey dont tell me i am the last one using a "stone age"
three button mouse :smile: :wink: simply dont believe that :blush:

thanks again everybody for the help.

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No, your explanation was good. Just as long as we can fix it…

Hey, my mouse doesn’t even have buttons! But I’m sure some MacBook users will say: “Mouse?! You even use a mouse at all?” :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, back to programming with me.

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it works as you’re expecting if you’re in the middle of a command… (i.e.- _Line …click first point in perspective viewport… mouse to right viewport then MMB macro MaxViewport… the right viewport will maximize.)

you’ll notice while in the middle of a command and you mouse to a different viewport, the focus changes as signified by the viewport title highlighting.

true that Jeff, but for the general use thats a poor consolation…

for those who are stuck with the new version till its fixed it can help a bit
but it rather confuses having it working in one manner but stumbling in another
when you just want to think and click around while looking at your model as an instance.

but maybe it helps to understand whats pumping behind this issue.
anyway thanks for peeping in and contributing.

by the way i will try to make a poll in a new post maybe you are eager to click
and vote for your right to use a three button mouse or whatever you use :smiley: :slight_smile: :wink:

I hope so, both my WinRhino machines and my 2 Mac’s all use 3-button mice. Too old-school I guess.

hi @dan do you know if anything is moving along with this? you track tells me its “open” so i assume it has not been targeted yet. any chance of having this done in rhino 5 still?

the reason for being a bit impatient is that i wanted to buy a student license for a very affordable 95€ as long as the offer ist valid and start using it more often also for commercial projects and for this i would need that issue done.

so any update on that is highly urged and would be very much appreciated.

Hi @RichardZ The issue is currently set to Release Target: 5.3 (which means we would endeavor to fix it before 5.3 goes out the door). It seems to be a regression, from what I can tell, so I have high hopes. At the moment, the issue is on @marlin’s list…perhaps he can make investigating this a priority.

thanks @dan its just that my student legitimation is running out tomorrow and i will not be able to register back to the university before march. so i guess that train will have left the station for me… only if i manage to buy it tomorrow but then i am stuck with a version which does not work as i got used to.

so another question would then be if that would not be done in 5, and who knows whenever 5.3 will come if its fixed till then at all, how much is the student upgrade from version 5 to version 6 whenever that will be issued? i could not find any pricing on student upgrades, or will it be then the 195 euro extra or even twice, which will be the normal student price from the beginning of januray which then would be 390 euro all together?

that means either i wait till it gets fixed and have no rhino for another year or whenever, or i buy it now and just hope that it will be fixed one day… and in worst case i even have to buy it twice, which leaves me between 3 opposing rails while having in none of them a fulfilling solution…

Sorry, I fail to see how upgrade pricing from Rhino 5 for Mac to (the currently non-existent) Rhino 6 for Mac is relevant here.

As far as I can tell, this is a regression from 5.1 that simply needs to be fixed in the Rhino 5 for Mac release cycle. Said plainly: this is a bug we need to fix ASAP.

i am making a worst case scenario since i have absolutely no idea when the development of version 5 will stop and if all the logged bugs will be worked up. talking of course specifically about this issue here. version 6 of windows will not be taking forever anymore i guess, so its logical to me that rhino for mac will follow sooner or later. leaving me with no options till its fixed.

and since it took about 3 month for the the small updates from 5.2.1 to 5.2.4 i am calculating that 5.3 might as well could still take a half a year. i mean what do i know, but what i mean is that i am left with the impression that its not coming soon hence the scenario waiting for 6… which is not a critic… not to be misunderstood now.

i already feel guilty writing a half a book about it here, but i hope you see how i am left without a cheap option. and buying a full priced student license twice is just not going to happen, so that means i cant buy anything till this is done… i mean i could get used to working more complicated and it sure is a rather small issue for people hardly using the middle mouse button for a quick switch of viewport… but it would drive me nuts :smiley: not even knowing if its been taken serious. you can tell me now anything but its a risk i would take if i want to keep it in a feasible budged.

Just a quick update: MR-2845 should be fixed (finally) in the next RhinoWIP.

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