Maximum number of characters in Grasshopper - Tekla attributs?

I need your help to create an attribute with a lot of characters (Paragraph)
see attached image


Hi, In Tekla there’s a 79 character limit on the length of an UDA value.

Where should this string be used? There is a different property type called dynamic string that does allow longer strings to be attached to an object, but that property type can only be accessed through the API and won’t show up in any dialog or report.

Hello Sebastian and thank you for your answer.
for the type of attribute I need to attach information to the construction site in the construction phase on metal and reinforced concrete type objects
With grasshopper the attribute component seems to work but the information does not pass on tekla?
How to use API of tekla to solve this problem?

The site does not use the tekla model but an ifc file.
can I add this attribute directly to the IFC file? and how to ?
Thanks in advance

A dynamic string can be set with the SetDynamicStringProperty method of any model object, and retrieved with the GetDynamicStringProperty method.

However there doesn’t seem to be a way to write these attributes to an IFC file - they are meant to be used by API tools to store data.

So you’re probably stuck with UDAs. Either find a way to shorten the text you need to store (e.g. you could create a separate table with info in an excel and just refer the user to that table in the UDA) or then use multiple UDAs to store the data.



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Thx Sebastian