Maximum allowable radius

Is it possible to somehow determine (extract) the maximum (permissible) radius of smoothing the edge of any object in NURBS (with respect to different modes)? Of course for the FilletEdge component?

Galapagos maybe?

I don’t know him at all yet … :neutral_face:

It is a toolset of evolutionary optimization analysis implemented inside grasshopper.
Since the value of the maximum radius is a variable depending on the curve it can vary. So you cannot create an equation that always shows that maximum on each and every case. You’ll have to perform a longer analysis that checks random values iteratively reaching to a local maximum (local minimum).

My suggestion is google “galapagos+grasshopper” read a bit on the topic and try it out. It is not so difficult to start. Just try it out, it is better than if someone tries to explain it to you.

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I’ll try :slightly_smiling_face: