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Why are there “Close all” commands twice?

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Hm - you must have got mine, I do not see Close All at all, no matter how many files I have open… I’ll investigate
@lopez can you please run SystemInfo in Rhino and post the results?


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Hi Pascal,
Here it is:

System Info.txt (6.0 KB)

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That is truly weird. I thought at first this could be a macOS Ventura (13.6.1) issue as that’s what I see in @lopez’s SystemInfo, but it’s not. I can’t reproduce the issue on Ventura, nor on Sonoma.

What is also strange to me is that the Close All entry should only be shown if/when you hold down the option and click the File menu…and obviously only once.

Very odd.

@lopez did you attempt to customize Rhino for Mac in any way? Perhaps with the Menu command?

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I’m seeing it when i open the file dialog and then pressoption

8.3 Ventura

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I managed to reproduce as well here, without pressing any key:

Seems to happen on external monitor with grasshopper open

RH-79175 Double menu entries