Matrix of Points

Hi, I’m trying to make my galapagos definition run faster.
I’m trying to optimize the location of some elements on a network, and to do so, I’d like to check the fitness criteria when placed in junctions.
It is important that there will be some type of “rule” to the way the junctions are ordered. and I hoped to arrange them in some type of a “matrix” in which every point have “X” and “Y” so it can be addressed by 2 sliders.

i.e a point could be defined as: 25 by 30, meaning it’s X is in place 25/123 and it’s Y is in place 30/123.

Does anyone have an idea?


Since a Matrix is an object of type double … is not the ideal collection for a type Point3d.

But you can use Matrices for the x, y, z coordinates (if this makes any sense).

Use DataTrees (an internal to GH collection) or Arrays (i.e. Point3d [ , ]). That said any collection in GH is represented via DataTrees. For instance and for e rectangular grid the native component RecGrid ouputs results as 2 DataTrees with single dimension paths.