Matrix BackSolve in RhinoCommon

Hi all,

I was trying to figure out how does BackSolve work. Does anyone have experience on this?

I thought it should be solving M*x = b. (given M and b solve x)

First reduce M to upper triangular with unit diagonal matrix.
M.RowReduce(0, b)
x = M.BackSolve(0, b)

and it suppose return x?, but it doesn’t seem to give me the correct result after comparing with MatLab solver.


Am I doing anything wrong? Is there any other better way of doing Matrix calculation in Rhino?


BTW: Practice is closed (so I don’t have access to my things) plus I’m in vacations … but found this entry level linear solver in the laptop. Obviously you can modify it in order to work with any Matrix. (120.7 KB)

Thanks Peter!

So does that mean we cannot use BackSolve in RhinoCommon?

No but it does mean that you can have a look on the insides (if you are familiar with C#).

Is there anyone else can help me with this? Any reason why BackSolve doesn’t work the way we wanted?

Since you haven’t uploaded your file:

For some reason it is working on my machine.

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Sorry I didn’t upload the file. Please find below file as attached. (5.7 KB)

Thanks. This is strange, it seems exactly the same. Can you kindly help try out the one I had?..not sure why it’s not working.

I just noticed I have a typo in my M matrix.
2,2 where I have -1 instead of 2:
your matrix with the 2 results in the following:
Since the rank is 4, the matrix you have is not solvable by this method.
I think there might be something wrong with the row reduce.