Mathematical issue - flexible modules sets

Hello All,
I am a bit lost here, I admit I am not an expert and I am still learning with every definition.
here we go: i have 54 modules (it could be more or less, i choose 54),

i also have 4 types of groups -

  1. 1x module
  2. 5x modules
  3. 6x modules
  4. 7x modules
    What I would like to do is to have different sets of this groups in the 54 modules .
    for example: 2 groups of 1 module +4 groups of 5 modules +3 groups of 6 modules + 2 groups of 7 modules.

    this is far from my usual use of GH and so i am really clueless, any tip for a starting point, where and what to look will be nice. (25.3 KB)

Well … for “similar” things like this the best starting point is to learn how to code. Your puzzle (i.e. the general case of it) is a Matrix theory problem in fact: split Matrix into “tetris like” submatrices.

You’ll need to include void(s) in something like this:

Par_Tetris_solver_V2A.pdf (556.2 KB)

See this classic as well:

BoltzmannSampling_dmAM0104.pdf (694.8 KB)

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Oh, big mountain to climb, no plugins? shortcuts?
Thank you very much,
that is very useful!

Well … you can always try this plugin for that mountain.

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