Materials not rendering properly with Raytraced?


I have Lands Design installed in Rhino 7 SR1 2020-11-24 (Rhino 7, 7.1.20329.13011, Git hash:master @ 9fee55a1420611bfd84513ccdd79c97ba8547873).

I added a tree (through plant painting). It appears that the tree doesn’t get rendered properly in Raytraced (Cycles). Material previews render properly with Cycles in the materials editor.

Is there an additional step other than adding a tree and switching to Raytraced that I need to do?

rose_tree_raytraced.3dm (2.3 MB)

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no, there is nothing user can do. This is a known limitation of Lands Design (as well as VisualARQ, since both share the Tibidabo abstraction layer). Materials won’t work with Raytraced display mode. They should work fine with any other display mode.
I hope in a near future we can overcome this limitation.

Let me know when you need help hashing this out.

Tried the file: exploding does work, but one loses the intelligent nature of the block.