Materials management

Where can I find an explanation of how to manipulate a photo(texture) that will be used on an object in the rendering mode of Rhino?

The rendering tools in Mac Rhino are getting finished up now and once they are completed I’ll make some tutorials. In the meantime, use the material editor from the render drop down menu and make a new model material. Then assign a texture to the color channel of the material and apply the material to the object via drag and drop.

Post a file and screenshots if you need specific help after that.

OK, thank you.

where are the new materials saved? I need to copy them on another computer. How can I remove a material from my library (I see only a + icon)?

I think I wasn’t clear. I can create a material but I can’t seem to control it’s intensity to get the full amount of detail. They are out of focus.

In the 3dm file but texture maps are not embedded so you need to move them with the 3dm.

If a model material is unassigned to any object and you save>close>and reopen the file, the material will no longer be present in the model materials.

Can you post an image of what you mean and the 3dm as well as texture map used in any material in question? At a guess, I think the level of detail may just be the size a texture map is tiled on the object.

Hi Brian,
yes, I see that the materials on the right side are the one used in the file but I try to remove the saved materials of my library (on the left side).

I have to reload every texture because I lose all connections to the folder where they are saved.Is there a specific reference folder where I can save my textures without losing the file connections when i copy a 3dm file to another computer. I would not want to copy every time the same textures in all folder that contains my 3dm files.


I put “tiling” at "0"and experimented with IOR and “intensity” and I got a result that was not bad. I look forward to the tutorials to better understand the manips to be more precise.

Nope, you’ll need to move the textures with the 3dm and keep them in the same folder on the new machine. This is an open issue that hopefully we’ll remedy at some point. @marlin @dan

Post a 3dm (and the textures :wink:) as well as an example of the current render explaining what you want to change and I can help now too.