Materials Linked Block is not updated by Block Manager

I inserted A.3dm into B.3dm
and then I insert B.3dm into C.3dm

While I am working in C.3dm,
I changed some materials and it’s assignment and Save into “A.3dm”. and then closed “A.3dm”

I called blockmanager in C.3dm, and I updated B.3dm

I thought that the materials of A.3dm I changed should be updated after that,
but they were not updated.

Is that expected result for this function?

Hi Katsu- if you Save and reopen C, does the change in A show?


Hi pascal,
Yes, it does.

Hi Katsu- OK, I guess that is a workaround for now- use Save then Revert to see the changes. I’ll see if we can fox this- thanks for the report.

Bug report:


Hi, pascal.

Thank you very much.