Materials Library Problem?

I don’t know where you guys are with materials, but I tried downloading “porcelain” from the ceramics folder in Material Library and setting its color to blue. This was not reflected in either the little preview ball, which remained white or when I tried to render.

porcelain has a color map associated with it, scroll down to the textures section of that material and check the color slot-

if you open that image with an image editor and change it’s color, that is where you can affect the color of the material.


open the associated image in an image editor and save it with a new name (porcelain_blue) and remap that new texture onto the material-

poof!< blue…

Or you can simply delete the image completely and use the color picker to change the color,

Thanks for reply Kyle but this hardly seems intuitive to me. When you go into the image editor, do you already have to have an object selected? Is it possible to just create a generic blue porcelain material? I don’t know what I’m missing.

yep- generic blue, simply clear out the color map in the texture channel by unchecking it-

Got it, thanks! How does one become initiated into the mysteries of rendering in WIP?

lots of info here:

our forum and you tube are also good spots to check frequently as this info gets updated pretty frequently by the community-