Materials issue in German translation of v6 Mac


I just noticed Rhino fails to import Materials with letters like ä, ü, ö etc. - however in the German translation a lot of the default materials have these letters in the file name. Manually changing their name in “ue”, “ae”, “oe” saves the issue.

Error messages:

Could you change this with an update (either the file names or the support for ä / ö / ü in the materials file name?

Thanks a lot!

I have now “solved” the issue by using the Renamer app to change all “ü” to “ue”, “ö” to “oe” and “ä” to “ae”. Would still be nice to have this resolved on the software side as I don’t know if there are any other resources which have been translated this way.

Hi - I’m not having problems opening material names with ä, ö, or ü here.
I copied an existing file and added -äöü at the end:

I then selected and opened that material and it came in without warnings or problems:

Could you run the Rhino SystemInfo command and copy-paste the result here?