Materials don't work in ortho views

The new materials and rendered viewport mode are great, except when I need to send out orthographic views. Those seem wrong - the orthographic views look very different from slightly-not-ortho views, and very different from raytraced orthographic view of the same thing (specifically when the materials are glossy.) So, basically ortho views look great raytraced, but they are terrible when using the rendered viewport setting. I think they should look much more like the raytraced image or like the perspective rendered viewport image attached.

file.3dm (8.2 MB)

Oh, I just discovered that the rendered viewport looks fine until I zoom extents! Why?

Seems to be related to the Y location of the camera when we are talking about zoom extents in the front view. Why would zoom extents change the camera in the Y direction when working in the front view?

This seems to be getting no attention, so I’ll create a new thread called ‘zoom extents bug in ortho views’

Hi @phcreates,

Thanks, I’ve created a YouTrack item: