Materials and rendering

Many of the sliders in the material editor panel keep being edited by mouse movements after having released the mouse button. Often, for example, the Frost setting on Plastic ends up back at 0% following editing.

There are a few other areas within the Material editor such as:

  • the text entry field for renaming a material is not in the position you would expect
  • Several materials don’t appear to work, and don’t have any settings, particularly the ones with (DEV) which I presume means they are in development
  • the transparency setting on a plastic material doesn’t appear to have the expected effect on the outcome of the render

Within the render panel, there are settings that do not appear to work:

  • Many (all?) of the Post Effects don’t do anything post render. If for example, show isovcurves is turned on following a render, nothing happens but then appear following the next render. Perhaps it is a question of being confusingly named? If they are settings that should be selected prior to rendering, maybe they would be better located in the render settings?
  • Tone mapping doesn’t seem to work as expected. Several controls / buttons do nothing

Hello - it looks like the Post effects are being worked on now …

Tone mapping seems to work here in the latest.

Here, transparency on a plastic material seems to be correct, in our in-house build of the day.


Hi @pascal

Thanks, I think having read up on the tone mapping I’ve managed to find some settings that product OK results. It’s probably that the range of outcomes is so vast depending on the settings that it seems virtually impossible to get a good image. Not that intuitive and the default settings are miles off. I found an article (by mcneel I think) that suggested setting the bias to 0.85 normally produces reasonable results. Maybe it’s worth providing default settings that work OK with standard settings for Sun and Sky? Everything set to 0 clearly isn’t close to producing a good result.

One thing I have noticed though is that it doesn’t appear to save defaults when using the relevant button.

I’ll have a bit more of a look at the plastic transaparency issue.

Look forward to the post render options. Being able to do depth of field in post would be great, if that really is going to be an option that we can choose to apply post render.