Material Texture Mapping

What kind of material mapping should I use for a mesh object like this?

What is that? What do you want it to look like? Is it supposed to be a blob of uniform material, is it a combination of materials? Does the mesh have vertex colors? How did you create this?

So many questions.

Uploading: uknmbblmw_8K_Displacement.jpg…
Processing: uknmbblmw_8K_Fuzz.jpg…
Processing: uknmbblmw_8K_Normal_LOD0.jpg…
[Processing: uknmbblmw_8K_Roughness.jpg…] uknmbblmw_LOD0.fbx (1009.5 KB)
It is a 3D asset that I downloaded, all the material layers were included from there.

Create a Physically Based material, assign the textures to their correct slots, and apply the material to the mesh.

The mesh already has UV coordinates on it.

Only the Albedo channel texture was uploaded properly, so could use only that to record the following quick demo

You should be able to create the PBR material by assigning the correct textures to their respective slots. Albedo is the diffuse channel. I don’t know what Fuzz is supposed to denote, maybe roughness? Hard to tell without actually seeing the texture.

That helped a lot. Thank you so much!

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