Material tab not available when Grouped objects are selected

Hi all,

The material tab is not available when grouped objects (surfaces grouped together with curves) are selected. I seem to remember this wasn’t the case in Rhino for windows. Does anyone have a workaround or know if this will be resolved?


you can use shift-cmmd to select individual objects which are in a group…

also, the commands SelPolySrf and SelSrf can be used to select only the objects which generally warrant materials.

so one possible workaround (assuming it’s a complex model which would be too much effort to re-organize everything) is:

• select the group
(only the group is visible now)
_SelPolySrf and/or _SelSrf
• edit the materials
_Show (brings back the rest of the model)

Thanks, Jeff. Do you know if this will be sorted out in the final version?

no, i don’t know.

i do think we (mac rhino users) should probably expect minimal texturing/rendering capabilities upon first release and i imagine we’ll have to find some work arounds for the foreseeable future… this may or may not be one of those workarounds.