Material swatches question

Hi. I have three questions on the materials list:

  1. What does these yellow corners mean?
  2. What does the yellow color on the material name title mean, in this case present on the blue material (unnamed)
  3. Also, what does the 1 unit mean?


Best regards

  • Björn

Hi Bjorn - the corners go white if the material is in use, yellow if obectts using that material are selected, gray otherwise… The Units sets the scale of the preview - this can be useful to set if there is a texture and not just a color. Set this in the preview thumbnail context menu > Properties.


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Thanks. But, I always have a lot of materials with yellow corners even if nothing is selected. Howcome?

It is a bug that is difficult to get a working example of. I see it all the time, but can’t seem to create an example file that reliably shows the issue.