Material Properties Menu changed?!

For some reason the Material Properties Menu changed on my installation of Rhino on my primary computer. Where it used to look like this:

Now it looks like this:

Specifically what I can’t find in this ‘new’ menu is the option to disable Diffuse Lighting. I have no idea what happened that made this menu change, it seemingly changed on its own in the past few days.

Hi Matthew -hmmm. did you install from an old disc? Make sure you get the latest installer from


this installation has been on this computer since I built it earlier this year.
The version I have from ‘about’:
Version 5 SR14 64-bit
(5.14.522.8390, 5/22/2017)

Hi Matthew - look in Options > PLug-ins page for the Renderer Development Kit and make sure that is present and loaded.


It says its enabled but not loaded…how do I load it?

Perhaps you select the item, then click ‘install’ … just might work.

Hi Matthew - right click and choose Load plug-in. @ChrisK - it installed, but not loading for some reason.
Matthew, it might sort it out to close Rhino and right click on the Rhino icon and choose ‘Run as administrator’, see if it is loaded and then close and reopen normally. Otherwise load ‘by hand’ as above…


Ha! I remember what happened, and actually meant to ask about this earlier - has anybody else had problems with Malwarebytes quarantining rdk.rhp?